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Tina Millican is a mother, Postpartum Doula, Parent Educator and founder of Doula Services Northwest.  Her Wisdom and Wit, Grace and Laughter, makes it easy to connect with the families she works with.  She is passionate about women's health, parenting, nurturing the family unit and child development. 


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January 2012: Please Stop the Raucous! Taming the bedtime battles

Dads are known for this pre-bedtime ritual whether your child is a toddler, in preschool or school age!  If parents work late hours, they often feel the need to spend time with their child before bedtime. Unlike the quiet nurturing type of play mom’s often engage in, Dad’s engage in more active rough-and-tumble type of play that often includes a lot of screaming, giggling, tickling, running around, and wrestling. Is bedtime the best time to do this?  Experts say, that depends!

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July, 2011: How long does this last? Your baby and Colic

As parents we want to do what we can to help our child at any age be free of pain, discomfort and general sadness. With newborns, it is very hard to understand where pain and discomfort is coming from and difficult at times for parents to know how to help. Fussy and crying are normal for infants, and a fussy baby doesn’t necessarily mean a baby has colic. Labeling a baby as colicky has become a very general term and can mean a variety of different things. It’s a frustrating time for parents, especially when you aren’t sure what colic really is.

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May, 2011: Building a Mother's Confidence in Breastfeeding

As a new mom, I constantly find myself worried if my three-week-old baby is getting enough to eat.  I am breastfeeding and while he seems to be eating enough, how do I know?  My friend has a three-month-old and she struggled with this.  She ended up giving up on breastfeeding because she was so worried that her baby girl was not getting enough from her breast.  I want to breastfeed for a full year (if not more). What will help build my confidence?

First, and foremost, don’t give up. Second, rest assured that you are not alone.  How much should my baby eat? and How do I know if by baby is are getting enough to eat? are common questions of new parents.  While the answer to this question really depends on your baby’s age, weight, health and where they are on the developmental curve, there are some general guidelines that will help ease new parents' minds while building confidence in knowing their baby is thriving and getting enough to eat.

To read more click on the May, 2011 link above.

April, 2011: Returning to Intimacy after Baby is Born

My husband is counting the days when the doctor gives us the “ok” to have sex again.  He reminds me daily (or so it seems) and to be honest, I am not thinking about, have any desire, or really want to have sex.  Having a newborn and breastfeeding has drained me of every bit of energy I have.  I love my husband and don’t want to hurt his feelings but to be honest, I just don’t have that “loving” feeling right now.  Can I get a prescription not to have sex?

For medical reasons, it is important for you to wait to have sex until your doctor or midwife gives you the ok – usually 6-8 weeks. For many women, it is well after six week and can even be up to a year before they actually get their “groove” back.  While a prescription “not to have sex” might make things easier for those not ready, open and honest communication with your husband is a wise way to handle the situation. 

To read more click on the April, 2011 link above.

March, 2011: What Does Sleeping through the Night Mean Anyway?

While it would make a parent’s job easier if newborns and infants were to sleep through the night, most do not, and for a very good reason. Until they are developmentally and biologically able, babies, especially newborns, do not have the capacity to sleep through the night.

This article will help you understand some basic facts about sleep as well as provide realistic expectations that will put the issue of sleep into perspective and take the pressure off getting Luke to have a mature nighttime sleep when he may not be ready.

To read more click on the March, 2011 link above.

January, 2011:  A New Mom's Need for Social Interaction 

...Humans need to feel a sense of belonging and acceptance, whether it comes from a large social group, such as clubs, office culture, religious groups, professional organizations, sports teams, or small social connections (family members, intimate partners, mentors, close colleagues, confidants). They need to love and be loved by others. In the absence of these elements, many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and depression.

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