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"My primary goal in establishing Doula Services Northwest (DSNW) is to help new parents transition into parenthood in the most peaceful and empowering ways possible and in doing so help grow strong and healthy families from the very start. My goal is to help moderate postpartum depression, and reduce parenting stress by providing hands-on support and information that is timely, useful, accurate and meaningful to each family served." 

Tina Millican

DSNW Founder


Postpartum Support Services

Postpartum Doula and New Parents Classes & Education

Doula Services Northwest provides new parents and caregivers with ongoing support, education and services necessary at various stages of child development. 

Postpartum offerings include: 

Postpartum support and education services are designed for new parents during the postpartum period (after the baby is born) to help them transition into parenthood and to help grow healthy families.

Whether new parents, having twins, planning to adopt a baby or an experienced parent that needs knowledgeable guidance, sleep, or an extra pair of hands, Doula Services Northwest is sure to provide you with the unique and individualized postpartum support you and your family is seeking.

Click on the links at the top of this page to learn more about the various postpartum support services we provide or click here to learn “What is a doula”.

 “There is no one right way to be a perfect parent, but there are thousands of ways to be a good one!”


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Tina Millican

Postpartum Doula • New Parent Consultant• Certified Gottman Educator

Email: tina@doulaservicesnw.com