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Parent Support Services™

Support, Education and Empowerment


Parenthood is a life-changing journey that takes you along the most extraordinary path of wonder, joy, challenges, and fulfillment. While on the path, obstacles may temporarily show up inviting you to shift gears and often make changes in order to get back on track.

Parent Support Services are designed to be your guide along this new journey.

When obstacles seem too large to figure out on your own or you simply need a fresh, outside perspective, we can help by offering reliable information, parenting tips, ideas and options.

Services support individual parenting styles, honoring the unique needs of each family.

New Parents Education Sessions are designed to keep parents moving forward toward the goals they have for their child and family. Each pre-designed session looks ahead for common road-blocks. Having insight ahead of time will help to remove or lessen the impact of obstacles before they surface.

The goal of each session is to empower new parents, helping to instill a sense of confidence and self-reliance; to get them comfortable in the decisions they are making for their child and family. If the parents are secure in their decisions, their children will also feel secure.

Parents using our services feel well informed, encouraged, supported, and prepared to make a decision or take action. They are much more at ease with themselves and confident with the choices they are making. There is always a choice and the choice you make should be your own.

Release the tension, gain new knowledge and perspective and live your new journey in peace and confidence.

New Parents Education Sessions: Select 3 topics from our pre-designed sessions or customize a session with 3 topics based on your own individual needs. Each topic will run approximately one hour.

Session One

  • Contemplating a Second Child

  • Twice Blessed – When baby makes four

  • Setting boundaries and personal goals

  • Stress Management for parents

Session Two

  • Sleep – You and your child (Part I)

  • Sleep – You and your child (Part II)

  • Development in the First Year

  • Introducing Solids


Session Three

  • Playtime with your newborn to one-year old (includes some development)

  • Parenting with intention. (Are you taking an active or passive role?)

  • Emotional Intelligence; strengthening the developing relationship with your baby

Session Four

  • Returning to work after having a baby

  • Balancing work and family

  • Setting boundaries and personal goals

Session Five

  • Understanding this new life of yours

  • Staying connected in your relationships

  • Setting boundaries and personal goals


Work/Career Topics:

  • Returning to work after having a baby

  • Achieving personal goals

  • Balancing work and family

  • Setting boundaries and keeping them

  • Stress Management

Just for Dad

  • Where do I fit in?

  • Dads get depressed too

  • Coping with all the changes

  • Daddy time: Play, Bond and Interact with your child

  • Staying connected in your relationships

  • Balancing work and family


Consulting Fees:

Hourly Rate: $70.00

Getting To Know You Interview: $65.00

Session Rate: $285.00

(3 - one hour meetings; includes any handouts and materials)

 Call for small group rates  (up to 10 participants)



For More Information, Please Contact


Tina Millican

Postpartum Doula • New Parent Consultant

Phone:  425.941.9061

Email: tina@doulaservicesnw.com