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This Light of Mine

Sharing love & making a difference in a child's life

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“Our world is much smaller than we know. To extend our reach beyond what we know and are comfortable with creates a more meaningful and knowledgeable appreciation for life. Reaching out helps create a feeling of connectedness. When we are connected we can create change and make the world a better place."   ~Tina Millican

This Light of Mine is the philanthropic arm to Doula Services Northwest. It has been simmering for almost 10 years and now has turned into a rolling boil.

In July, I was Blessed to travel to Africa with 29 Amazing team members through a non-profit organization based in Nashville, Tennessee called Visiting Orphans. We traveled together for two weeks learning about the cultures, religion, customs, needs and struggles.  We traveled to both Kenya and Uganda visiting 10 orphanages, touching the lives and hearts of over 2,000 children and caregivers. It was heartbreaking, wonderful, and inspiring all wrapped in one. Little did I know that this one event would change my life forever.

This Light of Mine, while when started was only a hope and slight vision, in less than a year has turned into so much more, a calling. At its core is a desire to shine light where there is darkness. I have seen so much and want to get my hands dirty and do more! I want to help…I want to ease the pain of so many children who are suffering, who are broken-hearted, who are lonely, who feel forgotten and abandoned; who are struggling on the inside but show joy on the outside.

Everyone needs help and support at some point in their life. Whether it is financial, emotional or physical support, we all need it. While on my trip, I made a commitment to support the needs of orphanages who are providing food, a safe place to live, and in some cases health care and education to children who have been abandoned, have lost their mother and/or father to HIV/AIDS, or for other traumatic reasons have been brought to the aid of a caring orphanage to give them a chance at life.

I have made a commitment to the children who are fatherless and motherless who have broken hearts and don't know how to heal them.  I can give these children my voice!  I can ask for help, I can provide support, I can be their rock, their constant! I have a heart full of love and will do what I can to serve these children in Africa as well as children in my own community!  They deserve a life that is full of dreams, full of love, full of hope, full of light! They deserve a chance to let their light shine!

Start Simple, Dream Big and make and Impact along the way!


Join me on this journey at This Light of Mine